What are your events for National Inspirational Role Model Month?

Share your events that you are having to celebrate National Inspirational Role Model Month in November.Make sure you let us know all the details and if you have a link, share that as well.



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4 responses to “What are your events for National Inspirational Role Model Month?

  1. Richard Kelly

    I am planning a project for NIRMM for this November and am seeking advice, ideas and display items to impact children and adults on the importance of example/modeling. I work as a private practitioner social worker in a clinical practice providing services to a broad range of clientele. I am planning a picture display of those who have excelled facing adversity in their lives and a paper on A. Lincoln and the struggles he faced as a young man. Any visuals such as posters, quotations or other display items would be appreciated as well as your suggestions. Let me know of any costs involved and thank you for your assistance.

    • Hi Richard,
      Delayed response due to challenges related to car accident recovery process. I was delighted to learn about your NIRMM project. If there is a teacher’s supply store in your area, it would be a good resource for economical art. Several sites on the Internet have quotes available for use. Within the next month, I will be confirming plans for 2009 events and resources. You can visit the nirmm.wordpress.com Web site later where related information will be posted. Please share photos and other material related to your project with me so they can be shared with others. Good luck and best wishes for a successful project.
      NIRMM Originator and Coordinator
      Darlene House

  2. RB

    Hi my name is Rico Brown aka RB. I’m chairman & CEO of a organization called Operation Role Model,Inc.
    If we can get funding we would like to put a program called C2C Courage 2 Change in each school, we also have a program called PPP stands for Parent Power Productions. Our theme is Readers Make Leaders.
    I like the ideal of NIRMM.
    Please advise, we in Atlanta and Savannah, Ga.
    My Number is 678.428.8732
    I remain,

  3. darlenehouse

    Check back soon for details about the exciting plans for 2013 NIRMM celebration. Share your plans with us, too.

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