NIRMM Word Challenge Answers

Originator’s Game Sheet


Note: Return to this sheet later if you have not already accepted the challenge and completed your sheet. Good luck! The originator’s answers will be awaiting your return. Stop reading here for now.



Did you discover how National Inspirational Role Models Month includes some powerful letters? Don’t forget you will spoil your fun by reviewing the words NIRMM Originator Darlene House created before accepting her challenge. Did you surpass 50 words? If so, consider yourself to be a true NIRMM Word Challenge Champion.


Inspire                  inside                   male                     me

Nation                  eat                        mail                     met

Point                    Rate                     meal                     rain

Deal                      Sat                       meat                     ran

Date                      listen                    mass                     man

Real                      Read                     pan                       soon

Start                    let                         tell                        pat

So                        opera                     tall                       one

Soon                    on                         tale                       rise

Hat                       does                      note                      lean

Old                       dare                      do                         done

All                        span                     sail

Need                     pen                       sell


Ó2008 House of Communications

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