NIRMM Recommended Reading List Nomination Process

The National Inspirational Role Models Month (NIRMM) Recommended Reading List was launched in 2008 and received an enthusiastic response from both avid and occasional readers. Thus, it will be an ongoing and expanding part of NIRMM.  Nominations for additions to the list can be made throughout the year.  Updates will be completed annually each fall for posting on the Web site and distribution to diverse communities of readers. Outreach efforts include book clubs, stores, churches, community centers, libraries, non profits, organizations and schools.  Please carefully submit your nominations following the guidelines listed below in order to qualify for the drawing held annually upon completion of each list update process. Multiple entries are permitted and earn one chance in drawing for every accepted nomination. Congratulations to Erica Dean, the gift card drawing winner for the launch year, who nominated three accepted list titles. To see list with books Erica and others suggested, read related posts on this site. For additional information/questions, e-mail with “List Inquiry” on subject line or call 313.778.1550.


Nomination Guidelines

1.      Think about books you have read featuring inspirational themes, people or characters that reflect the current year’s theme.

2.      Keep in mind that you can select fiction or non fiction books reflecting diverse genres.

3.      Feel free to nominate new or classic books.

4.      Remember that nominating books you wrote is not acceptable.

5.      Type or print the title and author for nominated book.

6.      In 500 words or less, share your reason(s) for making the nomination.

7.      Provide your contact information along with your nomination.  Don’t forget to include your name, e-mail, postal mailing address and telephone number including area code.

9.      Submit nomination via e-mail to “List Nomination” on subject line or marked on envelope.

10.  Upon receipt, nominations will be reviewed by NIRMM Originator Darlene House/judges and carefully considered for addition to the list.

11.  All accepted nominations will be acknowledged and an entry will be placed into the next drawing.

12.  Drawing winners will be notified to determine the best way to receive their prize. Options may include presentation at one of the future NIRMM events.


Thank you for your consideration and support of NIRMM.


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  1. Wow enjoyed reading this post. I added your rss to my reader.

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