Signature Component Insights

NIRMM Hall of Fame

Legacy News partnered with NIRMM Originator/Coordinator Darlene House to launch NIRMM Hall of Fame. Newspaper readers were encouraged to nominate both living or dearly departed people who inspired them. In his memory, Raymond Hines was selected as the first inductee for the NIRMM Hall of Fame. Through this project, House hopes to share some of the wise counsel he gave to her and encourage others to honor family members and friends who inspired them.  House’s uncle’s life lessons — such as “A worker needs his tools” — were simple but profound. He will always be loved, appreciated and dearly missed.

NIRMM Recommended Reading List

For its third edition, in 2010, the criteria was modified to require linking nominations to the theme.

Another first involved an extra special world-class author. Dr. O.D. Groves gained distinction as the first author to have two titles selected for the NIRMM Recommended Reading List in the same year. Her children’s books, including the NIRMM featured selections Color Color Color and The Weathers, spotlight creativity as both an outstanding writer and illustrator.

NIRMM Showcase

Check out the NIRMM Showcase creatively featuring the NIRMM Recommended Reading List and some of the selected books. The showcase, a popular component of the annual NIRMM celebration, is on display at the Redford Township District Library (near Detroit, Michigan) throughout the November celebration month. Acknowledging the 2013 theme, the showcase will also feature past inventions that inspired many others throughout the years.


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