Sports Family Activities

NIRMV partnered with a long-term supporter for sharing the following ideas. Special thanks to Author Gwendolyn R. Lewis for her creative, fun activities that good sports will love. Check out Lewis’ source book Plant A Seed…Read!!: 101 Activities to Motivate Children to Read. In that NIRMV Recommended Reading List selection, you will find these innovative ideas plus many more for fun times.

Find a Sports Article or Comic Strip Then…

#65 Newspaper Activity

Clip out an interesting news story and cut the paragraphs apart. Ask your child to read the paragraphs and then arrange them in chronological order. For younger children, you might use panels from a comic strip. Objective: To teach comprehension and sequence.

Read a Sports Book Then..

#79 Be a Critic

Can you stand up for a book? The author writes to you wanting to know how a book could have been improved. How would you answer? Place your answer on paper. Objective: To become an opinionated and competent person in reading and writing.

Read a Sports Story Then…

#96 Design A T-Shirt

Use a color fast marking pen to draw a picture about your story on a t-shirt. Objective: To share your story with a follow-up idea.